Channel Crossing Proposed

Channel Crossing Proposed

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The Bridge

In 1981 Bill Brown presented a proposed 30km Link into Europe: a planned crossing of the English Channel with 12 suspended spans each 2,500m long. Bill and his colleagues at Freeman Fox had been developing a new deck design able to withstand the long spans required for this vast crossing. Although the tunnel was constructed and opened in 1994, the bridge was presented as a feasible option. The deck would carry six lanes of traffic and a central rail line.

Bill revisited this design between 1996 and 1998 and incorporated his multi-box deck designs and wind deflectors in a new proposal. He also designed new pier protection for the 310m-high towers that would be sited in the Channel.

Proposed Channel Crossing

Multi-span suspension bridge design proposals across the Strait of Dover

Key Facts

30km multi span

12 suspension bridges of 2,500m each

1981 and 1998 proposals


Across the English Channel

From Folkestone to Sangatte

Spanning the Strait of Dover

1981 Design and Engineering

Dr William (Bill) Brown

and Sir Gilbert Roberts

Freeman Fox & Partners

A patented vented-deck design

1998 Design and Engineering

Proposal by Brown Beech (B2)

Featured Dr Bill Brown’s unique multi-box deck design

310m-high towers

Innovative pier protection

Other long-span bridges