Bali Straits Crossing Proposed

Bali Straits Crossing Proposed

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The Bridge

Bill Brown applied his multi-box deck innovation when he was commissioned in 1996 to submit designs for a suspension bridge spanning the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali. Bill advised that the new Bali bridge should become a dual-box suspended span of 2,100 metres. He proposed an initial two-lane deck that could go on to accommodate two further curved-bottom boxes for greater stability and a final total of six lanes. This would reduce the initial capital cost of the bridge to a minimum when traffic and toll income is lowest. As traffic volume increased, toll revenue would fund the addition of bridge capacity.

Bali Straits Crossing

Proposed bridge linking Java and Bali

Key Facts

Two traffic lanes, expandable to six lanes


Across the Bali Strait, Indonesia

Linking Java and Bali

Designers / Engineers

Dr William Brown

Brown Beech & Associates


Steel suspension bridge design with multi-box innovation

Planned 2,100m main span

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