Xihoumen Bridge 2009

Xihoumen Bridge 2009

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The Bridge

South of Shanghai is a group of islands in the East China Sea connected to the mainland by a series of five bridges in a 46km crossing. The main island is Zhoushan and the largest crossing is the Xihoumen Bridge.

It has a central span of 1,650m, one of the world’s longest, and has a twin-box deck design, pioneered by Bill Brown in the 1990s. The deck has the two streamlined-box girders connected by cross-diaphragms to achieve aerodynamic stability for such a long span.

The northern tower is sited on a small rocky outcrop and has a 578m suspended side span to the island of Cezi. The south tower is on the Jintang Island with a self-supporting (viaduct) side span.

Xihoumen Bridge

Part of a 46km link to the Zhoushan Islands, China

Key Facts

Twin-box deck girder road bridge

Longest main-span bridge of the Zhoushan Islands and Mainland Link Project


Zhejiang province, China

The bridge links Jintang and Cezi islands

Connects Ningbo with the Zhoushan archipelago

Designers / Engineers

China Communications Construction


Steel suspension bridge

1,650m main span

2,588m total length

Main contractors

China Communications Construction

Sichuan Highway and Bridge Construction


Began in 2005

Opened in 2009

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