Triangle Link Bridge 2001

Triangle Link Bridge 2001

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The Bridge

The Triangle Link fulfilled the desire to have a fixed link between the islands of Stord and Bømlo in Norway. Two of the three bridges were suspension bridges and the suspended main cable work was engineered and erected by Bill Brown’s firm, Brown Beech, and the Norwegian contactor, HMV.

Bill Brown devised the method of cable spinning to construct the main cables of each of the suspension bridges. The cables were spun using Bill’s innovative air-spinning technique with controlled tension. A carrier wheel shuttled forward and back from one anchorage up over the towers to the far anchorage. The cables consist of seven bundles, each with 420 individual 5mm wires.

The spinning of the main cables for the two bridges was completed in less than two months and its success was estimated to have given a cost saving of NOK 10million (£1million).

Triangle Link Bridge

Three bridges connecting Norwegian islands

Key Facts

Consists of three bridges

Connects Stord and Bømla Islands to the mainland

Two are suspension bridges with Severn-type single box girder


Hordaland and Bergen, Norway

From Stord to Bømlo, and to the mainland at Sveio

Designers / Engineers

Design: Aas-Jakobsen

Cable: Brown Beech (B2)


Stord Bridge main suspended span: 677m

Bømla Bridge main suspended span: 577m

Spissøy Bridge 283m beam bridge

Main contractors

Triangle Contractors, a joint venture between NCC and HBG Steel Structures


Stord Bridge opened 28 December 2000

Bømla Bridge opened 30 April 2001

Spissøy Bridge opened 28 December 2000

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