Jishou Aizhai Bridge 2012

Jishou Aizhai Bridge 2012

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The Bridge

The Dehang Grand Canyon in Hunan province, China, is crossed by a bridge that connects two tunnels 1,500m apart in the hillsides 336m above the valley floor. The steel suspension bridge has a traditional lattice truss deck.

The bridge and associated road project have significantly cut the travel times across the mountainous region.

Jishou Aizhai Bridge

World's highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge

Key Facts

Motorway bridge / freeway bridge


Crosses the Dehang Grand Canyon

Jishou, Hunan, China

Main contractors

Hunan Road & Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd


Suspension bridge

1,146m main span

1,534m total length


Began in October 2007

Opened 31 March 2012

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