Runyang Bridge 2005

Runyang Bridge 2005

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The Bridge

One of the world’s longest main-span bridges crosses the Yangtze River near Nanjing, China. The suspension bridge was opened in 2005 and forms the south part of a large bridge complex that includes a shorter (490m span) cable-stayed bridge to the north.

The Runyang bridge is the longest of the dozens of bridges constructed across the Yangtze in the last few decades.

Runyang Bridge

Suspension Bridge across the Yangtze River

Key Facts

6 traffic lanes

One of the world’s longest main-spans


Between Zhenjian and Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

Across the Yangtze River


Jiangsu Province Communications Planning and Design Institute


Suspension bridge

1,490m main span

35,660m total length

Main contractors

China Road and Bridge Co.

Dorman Long Technology Limited


Began in October 2000

Opened 30 April 2005

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