Yi Sun-sin Bridge 2012

Yi Sun-sin Bridge 2012

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The Bridge

On South Korea’s southern coast is the industrial area of Yeosu. It is connected to the mainland by one of the world’s longest-span suspension bridges, the Yi Sun-sin Bridge. The large container ships that navigate the waterway require a very high clearance to ensure safe passage so the deck is 80m above sea level.

The 6m-wide steel girder deck is a streamlined twin-box with diaphragms that was developed by Yooshin Corporation from Bill Brown’s design innovation of the 1990s. It provides an aerodynamically-stable deck for the long clear span of 1,545m and total length of 2,260m.

Yi Sun-Sin Bridge

Also known as the 1545 Bridge

Key Facts

Twin-box deck suspension bridge

Named after the Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin who was born in 1545


Yeosu to Gwangyang, South Korea

Linking to the Yeosu Industrial Complex


Yooshin Corporation


Suspension bridge

1,545m main span

2,260m total length

Main contractors

Daelim Industrial Co.


Began November 2007

Opened 12 May 2012

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