Pont De Tancarville 1959

Pont De Tancarville 1959

The Bridge

The growth in the use of motor vehicles and the expansion of the Normandy road system in the 1950s increased the need for a bridge crossing of the River Seine. The Tancarville Bridge was planned, designed, constructed and opened in 1959 as a 680m central-span suspension bridge. It improved access from the south to the port and industrial area of Le Havre.

It has a steel truss-stiffened deck, painted a distinctive red, and concrete towers. In the late 1990s two additional main cables were added and some hangers were replaced.

Pont de Tancarville

Suspension bridge across the River Seine

Key Facts

Improved road access to the port of Le Havre

Stiffened truss deck for aerodynamic stability


Between Tancarville and Marais-Vernier

Across the River Seine, Normandy, France

Designers and Engineers

Marcel Huet

Jacques-Ramsay Robinson

Nicolas Esquillan


Suspension bridge

608m main span

1,420m total length

Main contractors

Consortium of French contractors


Began on 16 November 1955

Opened 2 July 1959

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