Çanakkale Dardanelles Bridge 2023

Çanakkale Dardanelles Bridge 2023


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World Record Longest Bridge Spans

Çanakkale Dardanelles Bridge, 2023, Turkey, 2,023m
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, 1998, Japan, 1,991m
Humber Bridge, 1981, England, 1,410m
Verazzano Narrows Bridge, 1964, USA, 1,298m
Golden Gate Bridge, 1937, USA, 1,280m
George Washington Bridge, 1931, USA, 1,100m

There is a new world record for the longest main-span suspension bridge. After decades of planning and four years of construction the 1915 Canakkale Bridge over the Dardanelles Strait in north west Turkey has opened for traffic. At 2,023m main span it succeeds the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan and is a glorious celebration of the development of Turkey.

The official opening in 2023 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey. It was also the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Bosphorus Bridge (18th July Martyrs’ Bridge) in Istanbul, the first bridge to link Europe and Asia.

If someone asks you: What is the world’s longest span bridge? You can say: “the 1915 Canakkale Bridge over the Dardanelles Strait”.

Bill's Proposed Bridge Design

Bill Brown first designed a bridge over the Dardanelles at Çanakkale nearly 30 years ago (B2 illustration shown above) and he would be overjoyed that his invention of the twin-box girder deck design would become a reality on the new bridge.

Bill and his firm Brown Beech were formally commissioned to prepare designs for The Dardanelles Bridge project following the success of the Second Bosphorus Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) and the expansion of the major road system. KGM recognised the need for bridges over the Dardanelles Strait and the Izmit Bay to improve communication and connect communities across Turkey.

In the early 1990s Bill and his team of consulting engineers and bridge designers at B2 were developing innovative designs with aerodynamic-box deck sections that continued the work that began with his Severn Bridge and Bosphorus Bridge designs. His introduction of the world’s-first concept of the twin-box deck (and multi-box) was the key.

Çanakkale Dardanelles Bridge

World record span suspension bridge under construction in Turkey

Key Facts

1915Çanakkale Bridge (official name)

World’s longest suspension bridge

Part of a new motorway easing the traffic load on Istanbul


Near Gallipoli, North-west Turkey

Across the Dardanelles Strait

Linking Sütlüce, in Europe and Lapseki on the Asian side

Designers / Engineers

Parsons, Takfen and COWI (detailed design)

Original design concept by Dr William (Bill) Brown, B2

Mott MacDonald (Technical advisor)


Steel suspension bridge

2,023m main span

3,563m total length + 1045m of approach viaducts

Main contractors

A Turkish-Korean joint venture

Comprising: Limak and Yapi Merkezi (Turkey)

Daelim and SK Engineering (Korea)

Construction of the 1915Çanakkale Bridge

The bridge is 10km south of the town of Gallipoli in north west Turkey. Not only is it the longest central-span suspension bridge in the world at 2,023m, it also has the highest towers for a suspension bridge at 334m. The aerodynamic twin-box girder deck is 45m wide.

The towers have been built on piers in the Dardanelles Strait which is approximately four kilometres wide at this point. The cable spinning was by the controlled-tension method and the deck was erected by lifting individual sections up from a barge on the waterway.

The bridge forms part of an 88km three-lane motorway project that connects to a route west of the Sea of Marmara, opening up communications and connecting communities in this part of Turkey and easing the traffic load on Istanbul.

These images show the 3D renders of the bridge and construction videos courtesy of Çanakkale Motorway Bridge Construction Investment Management Inc. (Çanakkale Otoyol ve Köprüsü İnşaat Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş) and ©ÇOK AŞ


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