Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 2016

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 2016

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The Bridge

Following the success of the first two suspension bridges over the Bosphorus, a third crossing was planned to the north of Istanbul to alleviate congestion. Bill Brown, who designed and supervised construction on Bosphorus I and Bosphorus II (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge), would have been delighted that Michel Virlogeux would lead the design of the new bridge with Jean-François Klein.

They designed a cable-stayed suspension bridge, that has two main cables and the cable stays. It has a 1,408m-long main span and 330m high towers. It is part of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project and carries eight traffic lanes and two rail lines on the same level, requiring a 58m-wide deck.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Also known as the Third Bosphorus Bridge

Key Facts

Cable-stayed suspension bridge

Road and rail bridge

Part of the 112km-long Northern Marmara Motorway Project


Istanbul, Turkey

Across the Bosphorus Strait

Between Poyrazköy (Asia) and Garipçe (Europe)

Designers / Engineers

Michel Virlogeux

Jean-François Klein


Cable-stayed suspension bridge

1,408m main span

1,875m total length

Main contractors

Hyundai Engineering & Construction

SK Engineering & Construction


Began 29 May 2013

Opened 26 August 2016

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