Erskine Bridge 1971

Erskine Bridge 1971

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The Bridge

The development of the box girder suspension bridge had proved an undoubted success at the Severn Bridge. Many more bridge projects followed for Bill and the partners and engineers at Freeman Fox, including the Erskine Bridge, a multi-span, cable-stayed box girder bridge, spanning the River Clyde in west central Scotland.

The Erskine Bridge was a success for the firm, opened in 1971 by HRH Princess Anne. Its main span is 305 metres with a total length of 1,320 metres. Once again, its design was based on pioneering box-girder design and engineering concepts. It eased traffic flow for the surrounding areas and quickly became a vital part of Scotland’s transport network.

Erskine Bridge

Road bridge across the River Clyde

Key Facts

4-lane road bridge

Two cable-stayes support box girder


Erskine, Scotland

Across the River Clyde

Designers / Engineers

Dr William (Bill) Brown

Freeman Fox & Partners


Cable-stayed box girder suspension bridge

305m main span

1,321m total length

Main contractors

Christiani & Nielsen


Lehane Mackenzie (foundations)

Shand Ltd (foundations)


Began in 1967

Opened 2 July 1971

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