Russky Bridge 2012

Russky Bridge 2012

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The Bridge

The world’s longest cable-stayed bridge, with a 1,104m long central span, was opened in 2012 in time for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference hosted by Russia on Russky Island.

Two A-shaped towers or pylons reach a height of 321m and hold 168 cable stays, the longest of which is 580m. All bridge elements are designed to withstand the huge temperature range of the Vladivostok area, of between -40 and +40°C.

Russky Bridge

World's longest-span cable-stayed suspension bridge

Key Facts

World’s longest cable-stayed bridge span

Four-lane road bridge


Vladivostok, Eastern Siberia, Russia

Linking Russky Island to the Nazimov peninsula


SIC Mostovik, Valery Kurepin


Cable-stayed suspension bridge

1,104m main span

3,100m total length

Main contractors

USK Most



Began in 2009

Opened July 2012

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