Askøy Bridge 1992

Askøy Bridge 1992

© Geir-Åge Follesø

The Bridge

In the 1960s the first plans to replace the Kleppestø- Nøstet Ferry with a bridge were launched, allowing the island of Askøy to have a fixed link to the Bergen peninsula on the mainland.

Over the years various proposals were submitted but often the planned costs were too high and the lack of motorway infrastructure on the Bergen side meant the ferry remained the preferred option. In the early 1980’s there was more controversy when advanced tolls on the ferries was proposed in order to help fund the cost of the bridge. After much political debate, advanced tolls were agreed and charged from 1984 until the bridge opened ahead of schedule, along with a new section of the road which included the Stongafjell and Olsvik Tunnels.

The Askøy Bridge is the only road connection to the island of Askøy. It started as a toll bridge and in its first year of use saw an average of 5,000 vehicles a day. By 2006 this had increased to 10,000 and on 18th November 2006 the Bridge was paid off and the tolls removed. Currently an average of 17,251 vehicles per day, use the Askøy Bridge.

Askøy Bridge

Linking the island of Askøy to the Norwegian mainland

Key Facts

Official name: Askøybroen

Two-lane road bridge


Bergen, Norway

Across the Byfjorden

Between Bergen and Askøy

Designers / Engineers


Selberg Arkitektkontor As

Knut Selberg (architect)


Suspension bridge

850m main span

1,057m total length

Main contractors

Monberg & Thorsen

KB Spennteknikk AS


Began 24 April 1989

Opened 12 December 1992

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