Yangluo Bridge 2007

Yangluo Bridge 2007

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The Bridge

The population of the Chinese city of Wuhan is now approaching 10 million. It is on the Yangtze River in Hubei Province. Five main suspension bridges have been built over the river since the 1990s to promote further development and improve transport links.

The Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge is to the east of the city and was opened in 2007. The suspension bridge has concrete towers and the deck was constructed from prefabricated concrete sections.

Yangluo Bridge

One of the major bridges in Wuhan, China

Key Facts

Motorway bridge

The main north-south route to the east of Wuhan


Wuhan, Hubei, China

Across the Yangtze River

Designers / Engineers

China Communications Construction


Suspension bridge

1,280m main span

2,725m total length

Main contractors

China Harbour Engineering Company Group

Major Bridge Engineering Bureau


Began 4 November 2003

Opened 26 December 2007

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