Çanakkale Bridge

We will supply original items for the Çanakkale/Dardanelles Bridge design concept.


Original concept sketches of the world's first twin-box deck design.


The preliminary bridge design drawings submitted to KGM.


The scale models used in wind-tunnel testing of the bridge deck.


Film, photography, news and web links supporting the bridge designs.

Image Collections

Original drawings and photography for the design and construction of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge/Bosphorus Bridge, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Çanakkale/Dardanelles Bridge from the © B2 / C. Brown Archive.

Dr William Brown

Dr William (Bill) Brown was honoured to work on the design, engineering and construction of long-span suspension bridge projects in Turkey during his 50-year career.


Principal Designer, Freeman Fox & Partners. Initiated new concepts in the design, fabrication and construction of many long span bridges undertaken by the Firm over the previous 20 years, such as the Severn and Bosphorus Bridges.


Freeman Fox & Partners, Consulting Engineers.

Partner responsible for creating design and directing construction for Bosphorus Bridge.

Resident Partner in Istanbul on Bosphorus Bridge construction 1972/73.

Design proposal for a suspension bridge across the Dardanelles, 1750m span.

Partner responsible for creating design for Second Bosphorus Bridge.


Designer for the proposed highway spans over the Dardanelles at Çanakkale and the Izmit Bay.

Design and Engineering Bridge Project Director with Turkish Government.

Appointed by Turkish Government (1985) as Engineer and Project Director for construction of Second Bosphorus Bridge – the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and National Motorway.

Established Brown Beech & Associates, Consulting Engineers. (1987)

Turkish Bridges involving the work of Dr William Brown

Reference material on long-span suspension bridges in Turkey, with links to web pages (development site).


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