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The website, published by 301 and the Bill Brown B2 Foundation, celebrates the outstanding innovations of Dr William Brown (known to everyone as Bill). In a career spanning more than five decades, Bill designed more than a dozen major suspension bridges, including the Severn Bridge, two Bosphorus Bridges and the proposed Messina Strait Crossing.

The aims of the B2 Foundation are:


the work of Dr William Brown


the bridge engineering profession


young bridge designers and civil engineers


innovation, efficiency and new technology

For all enquiries, please contact David Boxall at 301.


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David Boxall is a designer, publisher and director of 301. He was general manager of Bill Brown’s company, Brown Beech and Associates, from 1988 to 1997 during a time of exciting bridge design, engineering and construction projects across the world, including the Second Bosphorus Bridge and proposed Messina Crossing.

In 1997 he co-founded the creative agency, 301 Design, with the support of Dr William Brown. 301 continues to define, design and deliver digital, branding and publishing solutions to some of Europe’s leading companies from its London and Surrey offices.

“It was a privilege working with Dr William Brown and it has been a pleasure writing and publishing this website for the B2 Foundation.”

If you have any questions about the website, or would like to explore publishing and marketing opportunities, please contact David Boxall.

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Innovation and virtual reality technology

David Boxall and the B2 Foundation are delighted to be working with Immerse, the Virtual Reality Platform, to explore the use of virtual reality in civil engineering.

The Immerse Platform has been built from the ground up, working closely with customers to identify their real needs and applications. It utilises an enterprise-grade cloud service for management, deployment and reporting of VR training applications. At Brown Beech in the 1990s all the latest available technology was used to support the bridge design and innovation, and it would have been a delight to have had the advantage of using today’s leading virtual reality platform.

To explore the full potential of virtual reality training and project visualisation for consultants, contactors and clients within civil engineering please get in touch.

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Supporting the bridge engineering profession

The Institution of Civil Engineers has over 95,000 members across the world. From its headquarters in Westminster, London, it supports civil engineers throughout their careers and leads the debates around infrastructure and the built environment. In 2017, David Boxall, the B2 Foundation and 301 Design created an exhibition on Bridge Engineering for the ICE which ran for a year in London. It featured 20 panels on bridge innovation, the world’s longest LEGO bridge model and a timeline of 50 of the world’s greatest bridges. The ICE holds the archive of the work of Dr William (Bill) Brown and his wind tunnel from the 1990s. David Boxall has created 6 major exhibitions for the ICE over the last few years.

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Building bridges

The construction of the Second Bosphorus Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) in Istanbul was a huge success. This has been attributed to the close cooperation between Dr William Brown (the Engineer for Construction), IHI (the main contractor), KGM (the Turkish Ministry of Works Highways Division) and the Turkish workforce. IHI, the Japanese industrial firm, prefabricated many of the steel sections of the bridge in Tokyo before transporting them to the Bosphorus. The project was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule. IHI gained the trust of the Turkish Government and were commissioned to build the Izmit Bay Bridge, which opened in 2016.

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